Cohort Innov8

Our Journey to DSW

When Cohort 8 entered USC’s Doctor of Social Work program, it was offered as an intensive 24 month (six semester) degree focused on both new learnings and developing a capstone project ready for implementation. Beginning with Cohort 13, the DSW is now offered as an accelerated 28 month (seven semester) or a 36 month (nine semester) program.

  • January 2019   ·   Cohort 8 begins the journey to DSW.
  • November 2019   ·   Residency 1 in Los Angeles concludes with a defense and approval of the capstone proposal.
  • November 2020   ·   Residency 2 (Online Due to Covid-19) begins with oral defenses of the completed capstone project.
  • December 2020   ·   Degrees are conferred.